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Fundraisers and Requests for Additional Insured Certificates


Due to increased loss activity on the ASA General Liability policy, and especially due to losses with fundraising activities, the ASA National Office and RPS Bollinger are recommending that requests for additional insured certificates for fundraisers be reviewed carefully before being issued.  Note that the ASA General Liability policy has been constructed and priced with softball in mind.  However, the policy has been forced to respond to claims that stem from activities that stray far from softball.  For that reason, it is critical that we all pay attention to the extension of coverage where non-softball activities are concerned. 

As teams and leagues attempt to get more creative with fundraising efforts, the risk of liability losses at fundraising events is increasing.  Past losses and common sense tell us that any fundraising activities involving vehicles and/or golf carts are especially dangerous.  Fundraisers that take place at carnivals, fairs and festivals also have given rise to liability claims.  Food service fundraisers where kids and parents are asked to man fryer stations or alcohol distribution are fraught with danger.  If there is a hint of added exposure, the request for that certificate will be referred to RPS Bollinger. RPS Bollinger may be able to insure the fundraiser separately as a special event if it is large enough – an alternative to just telling a league or team, “No.” 

An additional insured certificate for a fundraiser is likely being required for a reason – the requester has seen a liability loss in the past, or has envisioned a scenario in which one may take place.  Remembering that the ASA liability policy is designed to respond to softball losses, the reality is that the ASA cannot afford to issue these fundraising certs and willingly accept the additional liability risk.

It is also worth mentioning that teams and leagues have in the past signed contracts in order to hold certain fundraisers.  RPS Bollinger is recommending that teams and leagues be instructed not to sign a contract to hold a fundraiser, as that contract often waives the right to subrogate against an entity that may be responsible for the loss/incident. 

We encourage all ASA teams and leagues to stick to fundraisers that do not create adverse liability situation for the parents, the team and the ASA.  Raffles, Tricky Trays, 50/50s, Fundraising Dinners (without alcohol), Bake Sales, etc. – all are successful, low-risk events.  



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Umpire of the Month

Umpire of the Month - August 2016

Lynne Nemeth, a lifelong New York State resident, has been a registered ASA/USA Softball Umpire for over twenty years. Ever a student of the game, she has worked to hone her abilities in umpiring, by striving to become a better umpire, not only on the field but also by attending Regional Umpire School and the ASA/USA National Umpire School.

As a school teacher in the Waverly, N.Y. School District, Lynne understands that hard work and study provide the fundamentals required to be successful not only on the field but off the field. Her love of teaching has helped her as a mentor to young umpires just breaking in, but also as a skilled clinician providing insight from 20 plus years performing at the highest levels. Lynne’s positive manor allows her to interact with excellent results. Her direct efforts have led to being selected for many ASA/USA Softball National Championships.

Lynne not only works as a ASA/USA Softball Umpire, but also serves as a local Adult Commissioner for ASA/USA Softball of New York. Never one to walk away from a challenge, she helps run the local ASA/USA Softball clinics and meetings, gives her time when not on the field, provides assistance at the New York State Clinics, and works as an Umpire-in-Chief (UIC) or Deputy as required.

Lynne’s personal accomplishments in the game includes not only ASA/USA Softball but New York State High School and NCAA Division I and II, where she has excelled and continues to prove her abilities. She understands the importance of the game, retains a composed and patient manner on the field, and is respected by coaches, players and fellow umpires.

A short resume of her ASA/USA Softball experience would include one ASA/USA Softball National Slow Pitch Tournament, four ASA/USA Softball Junior Olympic (JO) Fast Pitch Nationals, and just recently the ASA/USA Softball 16U Gold Tournament this year. Lynne is a member of both the Medals Fraternity, and National Indicator recipient.

Lynne is not only an asset to New York State ASA/USA Softball, but to the game of Softball and all that cross her path. Region 2, New York State ASA/USA Softball, friends, family and fellow umpires are proud to present Lynne Nemeth with August’s Umpire of the Month award.

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ASA/USA Softball announces organization rename 
and rebrand to USA Softball and unveils new logo

New USA Softball Logo

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of America/USA Softball,
the National Governing Body (NGB) of Softball in the U.S., announced today their organizational rename and rebrand to USA Softball and new logo,
which will be effective January 1, 2017.  As the sport of softball continually evolves, focusing on the USA Softball brand better reflects the legacy that ASA/USA Softball
has established over its 80 years as the leader in the sport of softball.

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ASA Advanced Fast Pitch Umpire Camp

Roanoke/Salem, VA - June 14-19, 2016

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2016 ASA National Fast Pitch Umpire Camp


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